History, Mission & Vision


In response to a justice system study by the National Institute of Corrections, the Winona County Board of Commissioners established the Winona County Criminal Justice Coordinating Council in 2007. The CJCC is inclusive of all stakeholders in the Winona County criminal justice system, including policy-making representatives from the State, County, City, Private Bar and Community and has employed a collaborative approach in identifying and addressing justice-related issues to accomplish its vision.


To accomplish its vision, the Council will work systematically and cooperatively to review the elements of the criminal justice system and take an innovative approach to developing and evaluating proposals for change.


The Criminal Justice Coordinating Council brings together the participating agencies in the criminal justice system with representatives of local governments and the public. The Council seeks to assure for Winona County a criminal justice system that is fair and just, that provides for the public's safety, offers real opportunities for individuals to change the direction of their lives through rehabilitation and makes the best use of the public's funds.

Main CJCC Council

The CJCC Council is a policy-making council which meets on a monthly basis to consider and make recommendations based upon the work of the Council’s committees and workgroups.  The CJCC is the recognized forum in Winona County for justice system review, analysis, policy development and reform. The Council meets monthly, holds strategic planning sessions and accomplishes its work through five standing committees and their associated workgroups (open to anyone). Click CJCC Brochure 2023 for a brochure on the CJCC. Click 2021 Signed CJCC Bylaws for the CJCC Bylaws.

CJCC Committees

The CJCC has five standing committees that meet on a monthly basis to discuss issues related to that committee’s charge.  The work of each committee is reported to and acted upon (as needed) by the CJCC Council. Each standing committee has (or has had) workgroups, comprised of relevant stakeholders regarding that issue, who meet on an as-needed basis to recommend changes/improvements to the governing standing committee. The committees and committee charges are as follows:


Executive Director
Gwen Herbert

CJCC Council Members