The Winona Reentry Assistance Program Plus (WRAP+) is a Bureau of Justice Assistance, Justice and Mental Health Collaboration Grant-funded program that contains three main components (1) an extensive cross-training program for criminal justice and behavioral health personnel; (2) a social worker embedded in the jail to address in-jail behavior health concerns of inmates and to conduct or coordinate additional assessments or referrals and (3) an expanded re-entry program to assist persons who have been involved with the criminal justice system to help them  avoid further involvement in the system. Through the reentry component of the program, WRAP+ provides a case manager who can help people develop a plan and access resources and supports so they can live successfully in the community, as well as money to pay for certain expenses that are a part of a person’s case plan. Some of the common things that a reentry program can assist people with include housing, health insurance, chemical dependency and mental health assessment and treatment, transportation and getting ID cards and birth certificates.